Skye Freighters

Skye Shipyards Incorporated, as a subsidiary of Corellian Engineering, began operations as a repair and refitting industry around 4,500 BBY. In 4,100 BBY, Skye began producing short runs of high-quality transports for private use. In 3,960, Skye Inc. rolled out the first prototypes of the Skype Industries 960 Privateer Freighter. While it could easily compete with Dynamics and other ship designs, its rollout during the Mandalorian Wars slowed its sales, but when the war ended, it was marketed as a performance freighter for those hoping to make their fortunes ferrying supplies to the worlds in need of rebuilding. However, the Jedi Civil War soon erupted after and once again throttled attempts to rollout the ships.

In 3,958, the Intrepid Trading Company bought five of these vessels fresh from the surplus hangers. They commissioned the Skye Shipyards to further modify these five vessels with increased functionality. These Skye Freighters formed a nearly identical force of traders for 148,300 each.

Skype Industries 960 Privateer Freighter, CL 6
Colossal Space transport
Init -3; Senses Perception + 5
Defenses Refl 14 (flat-footed 12), Fort 25; + 12 armor
hp 110; DR 15; SR 55; Threshold 75
Speed fly 12 squares (max. Velocity 750 km/h), fly 2 squares (starship scale)
Ranged double heavy laser cannon + 4
Fighting Space 12×12 or 1 square (starship scale); Cover total
Base Atk + 0; Grp + 35
Atk Options autofire (double heavy laser cannon)
Abilities STR 40, DEX 14, Con -, INT 13
Skills Initiative – 3, Mechanics + 5, Perception + 5, Pilot – 3, Use Computers + 5
Crew 2 (normal); Passengers 10
Cargo 100 Tons; Consumables 2 months; Carried Craft none
Hyperdrive x1, navicomputer
Emplacement Points 2
Availability Licensed; Cost 195,500

Double Heavy Laser Cannon (gunner)
Atk + 1 (-4 autofire), Dmg 6d10x2

Combat Thrusters
Treated as Starfighter for Maneuvering
Regeneration Shields

These ships function like the Ghtroc 720 Freighter (Starships 88) except it is valued at 85,000, has a x3 Hyperdrive, a Cargo Capacity of 100 tons, and has 6 Emplacement Points.