Prottus Station

Prottus Station

Astrological Information

Region: Unknown Space
Sector: Prottus Sector
System: New Prottus System
Suns: 1 (Corrupted Red Hypergiant)
Orbital Position: 9 (of 9)
Moons: 20
Grid Coordinates: O-3
Length of Day: 21 Hours
Length of Year: 550 Days

Physical Information

Class: Gas Giant
Atmosphere Type IV (Environment Suit Required) (Gas Giant), Type I (Breathable) (Station)
Climate: Subarctic
Gravity: 250% (gas giant) 107% Standard (station)
Primary Terrain: Stormy
Points of Interest: Admiral’s Closet

Societal Information

Native Species: Prottan
Primary Language: Prottan, Mando’a, Basic
Government: Prottan-Empire Remnant
Population: 10,000: 80% Prottan, 3% Human, 17% Other Species
Major Cities: None
Major Exports: Minerals (asteroid mining)
Major Imports: Alcohol, food, fuel, medical supplies, technology