Shielded city of Obsidian

Astrological Information

Region: Unknown Space
Sector: Unknown
System: Obsidian System
Suns: 3 (Yellow giants)
Orbital Position: 5 (of 6)
Moons: 0
Grid Coordinates: L-2
Length of Day: 36 Hours
Length of Year: 280 Days

Industrial section of an Obsidian city

Physical Information

Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere Type I (Inside Shields), Type II (Breath Mask Required) (Outside Shields)
Climate: Arid (Volcanic/Desert) and Urban
Gravity: 108% Standard
Primary Terrain: Massive shielded cities, Super volcanos, lava fields, barren flatlands
Points of Interest: Overlord Station (Military HQ), Borghest Mountains (massive volcano chain), Rendezvous Flats

Societal Information

Native Species: Obsidian (sentient), Obsidian Mauler, Obsidian Oongong
Primary Language: Obsidian
Government: Military Bureaucracy rule (world wide), Criminal Syndicates (localized in some cities), Tribal-Fuedal Micro States (Nomads outside cities)
Population: 700-900 Million: 82% Obsidians, 2% Eisen, 2% Human, 1% Jokaero, 1% Scintians, 12% Other Species
Major Cities: Unummarr (former capital), Duemmarr, Tribusmarr, Quattuormarr, Quinquemarr, Sexmarr, Septimmarr (largest city), Octommarr, Novemmarr, Decemmarr
Major Exports: Fuel, gems, minerals, weapons
Major Imports: Food, medical supplies, slaves, water

Marketplace at dawn

Trade Laws of Obsidian

  • Obsidian Nomads are not allowed to sell ore to any source except licensed City Obsidians. Obsidian Nomads attempting to sell face harsh penalties on their clans and detainment.
  • City Obsidians are not allowed to buy slaves or narcotics. Anyone attempting to sell to them face large penalties, and City Obsidians attempting to buy face either large fine sor slavery.
  • Obsidians are not allowed to own star ships except in extremely rare circumstances. They are, with the right licenses, allowed to rent starships for 1,000 years with a clause allowing buyers given permission by the military (off-worlders are given blanket permission) to purchase the starships and inherit full ownership upon leaving the system. The initial renter is, however, not allowed to use the starship in any way. This means that off-worlders also cannot buy a ship in Obsidian without a broker. Eisen treaties have exempted them from these obligations. Penalties are harsh but rare given the close watch kept on starships in the system.
  • Exchanger Offices are officially licensed by the military as currency exchange stations, but typically it used to buy items from merchants not accepting certain currencies. Any defrauding of Exchanger Offices can result in the seizure of off-worlders’ ships and selling the crew into slavery.

Typical Obsidian alley or back street