Kraz's Warband

After Kraz and the other Mandalorians of the Forsaken Thirty-Two were rescued from Malachor V, Kraz was enlisted to join the Kashyyyk Independence Project and their shadow war against Czerka and the Trandoshan slavers upon the Wookiee homeworld. From these origins, Kraz has slowly assembled an ever-growing band of Mandalorian warriors to his banner.

The first group absorbed was the Kashyyyk Warband led by Karax, a Taung Rally Master styling himself the new Malachor complete with an imitation Malachor Helmet. Kraz dueled and killed Karax in single combat, and upon his death, he promoted Karax’s second in command, Jaakin, as the new leader of the Kashyyyk Warband which would now serve Kraz.

The second group to join Kraz’s Warband was the Mandalorian of Clan Drakul still following Marshall Xandar on the planet of Ithor. This group operating as pirates had been stockpiling weapons, training new warriors, and preparing for a new bloody crusade when the time was right. This group was utilamtely defeated in ritual combat against the member of the Intrepid Trading Company, and Rayne Mancor forced them to agree to join Kraz’s Warband and strengthen the KIP.

Another Mandalorian Rally Master, Bree Sornel, joined on Kashyyyk shortly before the Warband’s incursion onto Alpheridies. She began training fresh recruits in her own small warband to bolster the strength of Kraz’s force.

This Warband includes the following groups:

Twenty-Five of the Forsaken Thirty-Two (Clan Sargoth)

  • Rally Master Kraz (Human)
    Nineteen Mandalorians of the Kashyyyk Warband (Clan Farr)
  • Rally Master Jaakin (Human)
    Sixty-Six of the Ithorian Pirates (Clan Drakul)
  • Marshall Xandar (Duro)
  • Six Rally Masters
    Fourteen within the Recruit Platoon
  • Rally Master Bree Sornel (Devaronian)