Kashyyyk Independance Project

Originally founded in 3959 BBY by Tae Dehrium, Senator from Zeltros, to investigate Czerka’s mismanagement and breach of Republic laws. This version, known as the Kashyyyk Project, was largely a personal interest of Senator Dehrium and gained little traction until a researcher (Alyk Antross, human male) there published a report, Plight of the Wookiees, and then followed it up with an interview where he decried the conditions on Kashyyyk. This attracted the attention of famed liberal thinker and activist Dak Myr’lon who quickly reorganized the group into the Kashyyyk Independence Project.

In a manner of weeks, the KIP began operations directed toward freeing the Wookiees. The original background of the project was researchers and activists. Under Dak’s leadership, more extreme liberal elements were introduced to act on the ground. This split is what is unofficially referred to as the Holovid Wing and the Black Bag Wing. The Holovid Wing is focused on collecting data, publishing reports, exposing Czerka immortality and criminality, and working to gain support for the Wookiee cause. The Black Bag Wing is focused on sabotage, intrigue, and covert warfare.

Important Positions:

  • Chairman: Tae Dehrium
  • President: Dak Myr’lon
  • Operations Manager: Jaarell
  • Operations Organizer: Fey Kre’lox

Kashyyyk Independance Project

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