Astrological Information

Region: Unknown Space
Sector: Joian Sector
System: Jo-Da System
Suns: 1 (White Dwarf)
Orbital Position: 4 (of 8)
Moons: 1
Grid Coordinates: M-2
Length of Day: 10 Hours
Length of Year: 120 Days

Physical Information

Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere Type III (Breath Mask Required)
Climate: Subarctic
Gravity: 75%
Primary Terrain: Oceanic, Mountain-Forrest Islands, Intense Thunder Storms
Points of Interest: Abandoned City Ships, South Pole Monolith and Crawler City, Sanctuary City Project City Ships

Societal Information

Native Species: Joian (Extinct), Semi-Intelligent Wampa-Like Creatures
Primary Language: Joian (Extinct)
Government: None
Population: Unknown
Major Cities: None
Major Exports: None
Major Imports: None