Forsaken Thirty-Two

The Mandalorians who were rescued by the Intrepid crowned themselves with the title the Forsaken Thirty-Two in response to the trials they had been through during the war. Prior to the Battle of Dxun, the 3rd Division of Clan Sargoth was roughly 12,000 men strong with foot soldiers, Basilisk troops, and elite assault teams. By the time that battle ended, the 3rd Division was under 4,000 men in total strength. Their Basilisk War Droid forces were utterly destroyed, and the assault teams were transferred to the remains of the 5th Division which was reformed to join the taskforce protecting Mandalore the Ultimate’s flagship during Malachor but ultimately were crushed by the Jedi and the Mass Shadow Generator. The ragged remains of the 3rd Division, buffed back to just over 4,000 by taking on raw recruits from Malachor, landed on the surface of Malachor V and prepared to defend it in a prolonged siege. The Mass Shadow Generator tore the world apart and sent ships plummeting onto the surface—including their position. By the time the battle ended, they were reduced to a mere two hundred men who spent the next two years hunting for supplies and struggling to survive long enough for a rescue. In the end, they had only forty men when men the Intrepid intercepted their call, and they were further reduced to thirty-two by the time the ship landed and took them from the graveyard world.

Fate of the Thirty-Two
Seven of the thirty-two joined Canderous Ordo in working for Davik Kang on Taris.

Twenty-five of the thirty-two agreed to join the Kashyyyk Independence Project’s efforts. After Kraz, Rally Master of the Forsaken Thirty-Two, encountered and killed another Mandalorian Rally Master in the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk, they added seventeen new Mandalorian recruits to their ranks.