The Old Scratch

The Old Scratch is a Devaron Subterra-Period Medium Freighter that dates from roughly 7500s BBY, some two-hundred years prior to the Second Great Schism which led to the Hundred Years of Darkness. It flew in the service of government-sanctioned Devaronian traders. In its time, the Devaron Medium Freighter was a common sight, and it was a reliable ship for several centuries. The Old Scratch was, however, one of the longest serving and vessels. Records on the ship indicate it flew for nearly eight hundred years until suffering major mechanical failure in 6765 BBY causing it to plummet while under Tattooine’s gravity. The escape pods were jettisoned, but the fact it was never recovered indicates its previous crew may have succumb to the desert hazards or Sand People.

In 3967 BBY, the Intrepid Trading Company discovered the vessel when led to it by Jawas and began the process of repairing and refitting the vessel. It took 25 days to unearth and then another 20 days to fully repair and refit to operating condition. The engine failure, crash, and subsequent scavenging required the sublight engine but the other components were able to be repaired when the Intrepid Trading Company unearthed it. However, once it was in full working order, The Old Scratch ascended from the bonds of gravity for the first time in 2800 years and entered space in orbit over Tattooine.

The Old Scratch
Devaron Subterra-Period Medium Freighter, CL 8
Colossal (frigate) capital ship
Init -5; Senses Perception + 5
Defenses Refl 14 (flat-footed 14), Fort 34; + 14 armor
hp 400; DR 15; SR 45; Threshold 134
Speed fly 12 squares (max. Velocity 650 km/h), fly 2 squares (starship scale)
Ranged 4 point-defense double laser cannons +1
Fighting Space 12×12 or 1 square (starship scale); Cover total
Base Atk + 0; Grp + 44
Atk Options autofire (double laser cannons)
Abilities STR 58, DEX 10, Con -, INT 12
Skills Initiative -5, Mechanics +5, Perception +5, Pilot -5, Use Computers +5
Crew 6 (normal); Passengers 40
Cargo 19,000 Tons; Consumables 6 months; Carried Craft none
Hyperdrive x2, navicomputer
Emplacement Points 1
Availability Licensed; Cost 400,000 (145,000 used)

Point-Defense Double Laser Cannon x4 (gunner)
Atk +1 (-4 autofire), Dmg 4d10x2