Relek Whitter

Fallen Jedi seeking glory


Relek Whitter grew up among primitive humans who had settled among the Dantari of Dantooine. He displayed force potential as a young boy and was taken by the Jedi to the enclave there for training. He was kept separated from his family in order to bolster a sense of community among his fellow Jedis rather than among his former family. He grew to badly resent the Jedi and eventually lashed out against them by abandoning the academy and joining Justin Orz and Rayne Mancor in their self-imposed exile from the Jedi. They flew from the world on a ship purchased on credit to Tattooine. Instead of walking down the street to where his family lived.

Relek traveled with group and saw many worlds. He fought many enemies and experienced great hardships. In the end, Relek strayed further and further from his initial teachings and values by embracing the dark side in order to succeed and survive in the brutal galaxy shaped by the Mandalorian Wars. When the party was captured above Malachor V while loointg the ruins of Mandalorian ships, Relek was approached by Darth Zulkier who convinced him and Rayne to join the Sith. Relek embraced the dark side wholly.

The party traveled in the hold of the Abominable Interdictor cruiser to the planet of Telos. There Rayne and Relek both engaged in the assault on the Jedi academy there, but while Rayne turned against the Sith and attempted to help a few of the Jedi there, including Imalia, Relek fought and bled against them. Karia brutally savaged the young man during the battle, leaving him to die there. In the end, however, he did not die at Telos.

Relek received cybernetic surgery and force healing aboard the Abominable. In the end, Relek went on to serve as Darth Zulkier’s apprentice. Rayne and the others did not encounter Relek Whitter again until he and Zulkier visited Korriban in the company of Darth Malek, Darth Umbra, Darth Dozle, Jorak Uln, and other Sith Lords. They came face to face again during the Battle of Axilla where Relek joined the Sith ground forces assaulting the cities and strongholds. He was given command of the mobile tank forces during the final push against Bunker Ondara.


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