Darth Zulkier

A jedi knight fallen to the dark side (Sith Council)


Born as Arkay Zulkier, he had a relatively normal childhood until the Jedi found him at the age of eight and convinced his parents to turn him over. Leaving behind a simple life in a developing colony world along the Mid Rim, Zulkier instead traveled to Coruscant where he was trained as an apprentice, selected as a padawan, and eventually earned knighthood. Arkay Zulkier served as a jedi historian and consular-rarely seeking out the world beyond the Jedi archives. This changed during the Mandalorian Wars.

He heard of the wars and of the objections. He heard rumors and the occasionally argument between knights and padawans in the hallways of the temple. Finally, however, he heard the words of Revan when he came to move the council, and while the Jedi Council would not join him, Zulkier would. He saw true combat for the first time against the battle hardened Mandalorians, but his lightsaber and force training allowed him to survive. He fought on and brutally endured the war because he believed in the message Revan had preached. To protect the Outer Rim. To serve the Republic and the people beyond. To put his training to use for something other than cloistered inaction.

When the war ended, Zulkier followed Revan and Malek into the Unknown Regions, and there he was turned as so many others were. While others were drawn by promises of power and influence. To gain strength and knowledge beyond anything they ever dreamed before, Darth Zulkier insists that he followed because he believed in Revan. Darth Revan drew up his plans to return to Republic space and to do what had to be done. Zulkier knew more than anything else, he believed in Revan and his cause.