Karia Irunel

Echani martial artist hired by KIP


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Ishale Irunel (mother)
Lannick Irunel (father)
Melanah Irunel-sister
Kael Irunel-brother
Karia Irunel
Mana Irunel-sister

Born into the upper echelons of Echani society some years before the Mandalorian Wars, Karia was the third of four children born to the Irunel family. As the second of three daughters in a society in which siblings often resemble each other to the point of being near physically indistinguishable, Karia struggled growing up to differentiate herself from her siblings. In this she succeeded, though not in a way she would have wished. Although a warrior society in many ways, the higher levels of Echani culture value social graces as much as military skills and Karia always struggled socially. Although comfortable enough among people, Karia found herself speaking her mind too bluntly and often struggled to properly empathize with others. While never told so directly, she often felt she was an embarrassment to her family which only exacerbated the problem. However, in contrast to her often poor social skills, Karia excelled at the martial disciplines of the Echani people. Both fast and strong she took to such skills easily under her mother’s tutelage and began to establish a reputation as something of a prodigy.
It was these martial skills that led her to volunteer for service in the Republic military when the Mandalorian threat emerged in the Outer Rim. It was in the military that Karia believed she found her calling and on the battlefield that she truly came alive. Prized for her hand-to-hand abilities in an era of shielded combat, Karia served throughout the war in a number of elite squadrons during both planetary assaults and naval boarding actions. When the war ended, and Revan disappeared beyond the Rim, Karia was reluctant to return home. Although proud of her service to the Republic, she did not wish to return to the stifling upper class existence of her family, a world in which she never truly felt she belonged. Like many Mandalorian War veterans she struck out as a mercenary, seeking her own fortune among the stars and, perhaps, to create a name for herself.
Still, though she has found fortune and some manner of fame as a mercenary, Karia cannot help but wonder about her home and her family and what has become of them. But, as a self-proclaimed black sheep she also fears to contact them or return, in the back of her mind fearing that her family might not accept some of the choices she has made.